Arts and Craft

The art and craft activities are chosen as per the theme of the month . Child friendly and safe material is used.

Children’s Yoga

We also have a ‘Children’s Yoga’ programme for our students to help them learn some basic yoga postures and enjoy the enriching experience of relaxation and fun. The idea is to train them to live a stress-free and happy life and become more confident individuals right from a very tender age.

Field Trips

A wide-range of field trips to various educational and entertainment locations will be organized monthly by the nursery to extend the child’s learning experiences. Parents will be requested to sign a permission slip for each field trip.

Fun Cooking

All our little ones will have the opportunity to participate in this simple but, fun cooking session. It will enable them to experience the world of food firsthand, as they are the ones making their own snacks. It is a wonderful way for them to discover new tastes, textures and smell.  


Gymnastics is a comprehensive fitness and health education program for kids. It teaches the children the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle and the basics of proper exercise, nutrition and health related issues. The teachers start with a warm up exercise session of stretching and take it to the next level by planning games/activities for our students using a varied range of props every time. Our students really enjoy and look forward to being a part of this activity with great enthusiasm and excitement every week.


We have a teacher appointed from the Jumeirah Music Center to introduce to the children a specifically designed music program for the preschoolers who also play a few musical instruments while they sing along with the teacher.

Outdoor and Indoor activities

Children play a variety of toys and games in our indoor and outdoor play area.


Phonics is a fun and child centered approach to teaching phonics through sounds and actions. With actions for each of the letter sounds, the multi-sensory method is very motivating for children and teachers, who can see their students being able to begin building words as early as possible.

Story time

Classic children stories are chosen and narrated to the children. Once in a while Pretend and Play activity  is held to enact the characters in the story.

Water Play

We also organize the super fun water-play activity for our students once every month which is conducted in the detachable intex pool inside our nursery premises. The activity is scheduled keeping in mind the temperature conditions outside to avoid any health constraints for our students and we make sure to maintain safety for our students by ensuring continuous supervision of our alert staff.